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Known in Colorado as “The Conscience of the Senate” Senator Peter C. Groff of Denver is the President of the Colorado State Senate, the first African American to hold that post. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for New Politics and Policy at the University of Denver (formerly known as the Center for African American Policy) or CNPP.¬† Mr. Groff is a lecturer in politics and public policy at the University, Chief Editor of the Groff/Ellison Political Report and Publisher of the ASCENT Journal of Politics and Policy. While fulfilling full-time legislative and teaching duties, Mr. Groff also hosts “Blackpolicy” on Sirius Channel 110 and XM Channels 130 and 169. He is often cited by major media sources, a frequent guest analyst for WVON-AM (Chicago) and a contributor to The Washington Times.

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Charles D. Ellison
serves as Chief Advisor and a Senior Fellow to the University of Denver Center for New Policy and Politics. He oversees project management, public relations, content and brand development for the Center. He is also author of the critically-acclaimed political thriller TANTRUM. He is a co-host on “Blackpolicy” on Sirius/XM Radio, Editor of the Groff/Ellison Political Report, Chief Editor for the ASCENT Journal, a Washington Times contributor, Huffington Post blogger and Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Politics Democracy and the Internet.

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