The New Reagan

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on December 4, 2008

On the most recent “Black Policy” show, heard on POTUS Sirius 110, XM 130 and the The Power XM 130 beginning on Saturday at 10 am eastern standard time, we interviewed Sophie Nelson of who made an interesting comment about President-Elect  Barack Obama and former president Ronald Reagan; Nelson said that Obama could be the next Reagan.

The comparison between the two by Nelson was political and not policy driven.  Reagan ‘s tenure marked the high point of Republican politics for nearly a generation.  It was clear what the GOP stood for and advocated and in Reagan they had a well spoken, well liked spokesperson who won by a landslide. 

Fast forward nearly 30 years and you have another well spoken, well liked president-elect who won by a landslide and who may have created a party that knows what it stands for and for what it will advocate.  While Reagan’s policy default position was conservative he governed from a center right position, Obama appears and promises that he will govern from a center left angle while his default position will be liberal.

But Nelson is right, Obama does have the opportunity to create a Democratic political stronghold for a generation if he can suppress his liberal leanings and govern from the center.  He has shown with early cabinet picks that it will be the political center from which will spring most policy ideas and iniatives and he clearly can use the bully pulpit to his eloquent advantage to drive home his brand of Democratic policies. 

The fact that the Republican brand is so damaged and the tug of war for the GOP soul is underway and that it may take awhile for the now loyal opposition to decide what it is and who represents it, allows Obama and the Dems to further take advantage of the November 4th blue tsunami and create a generation of leadership just like Reagan did nearly three decades ago.