NY: Paterson Playing Position Well …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on November 20, 2008

The latest from Political Wire reports on NY Gov. David Paterson’s (D) solid polling lead over NY AG Andrew Cuomo in a possible Democratic primary:

If Sen. Hillary Clinton moves on to become Secretary of State in the Obama administration, the buzz in New York has Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D) a likely candidate to fill her seat.

That might be a good thing for Cuomo since a new Siena Research Institute poll finds Gov. David Paterson (D) beating Cuomo handily in a Democratic primary for governor, 53% to 25%.

In general election match ups, Paterson beats Rudy Giuliani (R), 49% to 43%, while Giuliani bests Cuomo, 46% to 44%.

Shades of Obama?  More so a sign of the times and growing Black political clout, particularly in large states.  Obama’s win, however, opens symbolic doors making it easier for African Americans to run and win statewide.  Would Paterson appoint himself as Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D) replacement should she take on the offer for Secretary of State?  Highly doubtful. It appears Cuomo is being groomed for this, although there are reports of NY Congressman and CBC Member Gregory Meeks (D) wanting to take a stab at it.   Still, Paterson is definitely on a nice political trajectory at the moment.  Let’s see how he performs in a tightening economic climate.


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