Thoughts on how he did it …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on November 11, 2008

President-elect Obama won by piggy-backing on Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy and, literally, changed the electoral map. He found strength in the suburbs and ex-urbs. He was very strong among women voters and he maintain a strong competitive edge with men. Obama also reduced McCain’s strength in rural counties. This election was also won by employing a very aggressive and clever hybrid approach of old school technique and new school tools. Essentially, Obama applied the grassroots canvassing tactics learned from his days as a community organizer (Republicans are biting their tongues on that) then mixing it with a near perfect use of online-based social networking and constituent relationship management applications which put voters in the driver’s seat. The Obama campaign gave the feel of “change” or “bloodless revolution” by offering a certain amount of control to the voter.

Over the next few months, Obama will have to create the most qualified staff and cabinet imaginable. These are serious times requiring dramatic and very intelligent measures. He will also have to reach across the aisle in a very sincere way. His first issue: the economy. Even if the current lame duck Congress doesn’t want to touch it until 2009, he should start coming out in front of it, pushing specific plans for a comprehensive stimulus package.  He could still apply some of his campaign style to management of the transition. Obama will need to move with lightning speed while maintaining the signature cool he’s known for. He can do this depending on the team he puts together. Our assessment is that his biggest challenge will be expectations: how can he diminish the very huge expectations of an electorate that wants stuff done now?


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