The New Rallying Cry: Don’t Forget New Hampshire!

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on October 18, 2008

Supporters and haters of Sen. Barack Obama are beginning to feel like this race is over.  Everywhere you look and everything you hear is that it’s all over but the inaugural parade and Barack H. Obama, Jr.  is the next President of the United States.

Not so fast supporters, haters, “analysts”, and bandwagon jumpers says the current junior Senator from Illinois, don’t forget New Hampshire. 

Obama is loudly telling anyone and everyone that this race is not over.  He has invoked his party’s uncanny ability to constantly snatch “defeat from the jaws of victory” and his own inability to close the Democratic nomination show after Iowa.  Obama has reminded voters, the media and his staff (today in a very terse and short all staff conference call) that everyone thought the primary race was over after Iowa but New Hampshire got in the way. 

Obama owned a large lead in the polls in the Granite State after stunning favored Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Sen. and Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards in the Iowa caucuses but lost to Clinton just 5 days later by 8,000 votes. 

Obama is right to check the electoral enthusiasm now, lest people start thinking that he’s got the White House all wrapped up and then don’t bother to go vote.  Many swing state polls are in the margin of error, he doesn’t know how people are going to act behind the curtain or at the kitchen table as they cast their ballots and Vice President Al Gore also led by this same amount at this same time eight years ago. 

Their is no question Obama has the momentum and the fluctuation of the economy and Sen. John McCain’s uneven debate performances, his scorch and burn campaign tactics and Gov. Sarah Palin’s campaign to offend just about everyone is pushing the race in Obama’s direction.  However we have seen presidential races turn around in a Bush second (remember 2000 and 2008) so anything can happen in 18 days so the Democratic nominee is wise to rally his supporters around the January 8th Clinton surprise and cry out don’t forget New Hampshire.


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