Did McCain Miss An Opportunity?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on October 16, 2008

Sen. John McCain did a whole lot of chest pounding and sh…stuff talking about how he was “gonna kick Obama’s…backside” in the last presidential debate at Hofstra University and for about 20 minutes he was on a roll.  But after firing his best shot early he ended up with an uneven performance, his best however in the trio of debates, that resulted in a third straight loss according to instant polling.

While a lot went into McCain’s third straight beat down the GOP nominee may have missed an opportunity to turn the race around or at least create some buzz by saying he would run a squeaky clean campaign for the next 20 days.  He could have taken the high ground saying America deserves better and what he has seen and heard in the last two weeks have concerned and worried him.

This abrupt campaign change would have shown him as the more grown up candidate, the candidate with right temperment and actually put “country first.” Instead he whined, complained and cheap commented his way through the final 70 minutes of the debate.  With each divisive comment, complaint and whine the CNN live response lines indicating how undecided Ohio voters felt about the candidates remarks dipped and showed the disgust of his negative campaigning. 

The polls have also dipped for McCain precipitously coinciding with the fiscal crisis and the new negative campaigning by McCain. The Republican needed a game changer or at least a momentum slower and got neither. Changing the strategy on the fly may not have slowed Sen. Barack Obama’s momentum or changed the game, but the effort could not have hurt any more than his spotty and uneven performance last night.


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