Debate post-hype …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on October 8, 2008

If it’s all about winners and losers in a Presidential debate, clearly Obama won tonight.  Both candidates walked in confident, but McCain appeared cocky and edgy – a more calmed version of the irritated and grouchy old guy from Oxford, MS.  He truly believes he’s got the edge in the much contrived “town hall format,” so he already throws in the snide, campaign insider joke which thanks his opponent for finally joining him in such a format.  Enough already – we get it.  You said that about as many countless times over the course of the past couple of months as you’ve repeated the corny asides about Putin and the K-G-B and other infamous McCainisms.

Which is the problem with this particular debate.  Obama exuded dominance on topic; although he clearly played it safe by not shaking it up too much on details.  Still, he showed more definitive stance when calling health care a “right” while McCain gave an out-of-touch answer on it being a “responsibility” (another “the-fundamentals-of-the-economy-are-strong” blunder).  Obama actually personalized a few of his answers with short footnotes on his own history as the son of single mother on food stamps.  His story and definition of the economic crises may have resonated.

Overall, the debate was a bit boring.  Obama had it locked by appearing to know what he was talking about.  McCain, on the other hand, rattled off an incessant pipeline of bad jokes and repeated campaign talking points.  He essentially did the same thing Palin did last week, he just looked smarter and sounded more coherent when he did it.


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