What was that???

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on October 3, 2008

Was the bar set so low as to actually insult the collective intelligence of the general electorate?  Not sure since we seem so transfixed these days on becoming an “Idiocracy.”  We’ve been quite perplexed and, frankly, a bit annoyed by the tendency of mainstream media to lower the standard as it related to qualification for a national ticket.  Last we checked, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin were running for Vice-President.  Buffoons and morons need not apply as leaders of the free world … correct?

Basically, we just can’t place pity on this woman who is going to be a heartbeat from the Presidency, next to a guy who could be the oldest President ever and who already suffers from an ongoing struggle with skin cancer.

Palin made Bush look like Einstein.  It was an embarrassment to watch.  A waste of network time and an embarrassment to the institution of the Presidency that she has even been considered for this gig.  What is even more appalling – but not really all that surprising – is to watch media talking heads smoke television crack and actually give her high marks.  It’s like the kid in school who constantly gets “Fs” and comes home one day with a “D” and his mom gives him cookies for a “job well done.”  To watch analysts in the post-debate forum actually say that she was “effective” or that she “did well” is pretty much surreal.  Clearly, she’s not the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer.  Her biggest accomplishment of the night was stringing together buzz words, party talking points and campaign soundbites. The “folksy” routine, the Alaskan “don’t ya think” schtick, rallying “Joe Six Pack” and “Hockey Moms” (clearly code wording that leaves us people of color out of it) was pure comedy – so much so that we laughed ourselves to sleep halfway through it.  If her goal was to not answer any questions, she was definitely successful at that.  But, her cheeky dismissal of the debate, going so far as to actually tell Gwen Ifill that she wouldn’t answer a question, was absolutely inappropriate.  Would she have said that if Jim Lehrer or some other White guy moderator was there?  Come on …

When this is all said and done, we need to push for a serious examination of the news media.  What is it’s purpose?  Is it really informing?  What we need is non-partisan, balanced commentary that keeps it real.  Why not get somebody to just say: “she was horrible.”   Instead, it’s all about paying former party hardliners to offer different spins on re-gurgitated party talking points.

The irony of this debate is that the Republican party is always the most “patriotic.” This is the party that always “puts country first.” Yet, it’s also the party that consistently picks the most clownish politicians to lead.

Folks: the stakes are way too high for this kind of dangerous nonsense. Really. No wonder world markets are plummeting. And all those in media land (including the campaign surrogates and spokes people) who can’t call this for what it is are really doing us all a great disservice.


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