A few cynical theories/thoughts on this week’s “bailout” saga …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on September 27, 2008

Theory 1 is that this past week’s drama over Wall Street “bailouts” could pretty much be political posturing by the White House in an effort to bolster the GOP nominee.  Initially, signs of economic turmoil meant a plus for Obama, who could now stick to topics rather than gossip and culture wars since his opponent pretty much admits to not knowing much about what currently afflicts the nation. However, McCain flips the script, a fast buddy-up with the White House to appear decisive and Presidential.  This becomes the “engineered” event (on some levels) that many expected; the game changer that changes the race.

Theory 2 is that constant uncertainty over the first debate only fuels the speculation that McCain is struggling to buy more time for his running mate, Palin.  It’s no mystery she’s getting coached in preparation for the one VP debate – one could argue that if enough time is bought (literally and figuratively), we may not see a VP debate.

Theory 3: AP/Yahoo poll on the race factor comes out, McCain camp gets all hype about, and – more than likely – assumes they’ve got things locked.  Days later, a Washington Post poll shows Obama leading by 9 points.  McCain’s camp flips out on this latest poll, stunned by the sudden turn of fortune after assuming a November win would hinge on bigoted White voters.  Hence, a mad rush to spark drama, a belligerant move to postpone the debate which ends up finding McCain getting punk’d and punking himself since he ended up on the stage Friday night anyway. Nice try.


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