McCain doesn’t know what he got himself into …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on September 4, 2008

Who is Sarah Palin? Those of us watching her on television are not the only ones asking that question. It seemed as though delegates and the throngs of convention-goers in St. Paul are struggling to convince themselves that she’s the right pick.

What we did see is a running mate come very close to upstaging the party’s nominee. A repulsive and surreal monologue replay of Reese Witherspoon plays Tracey Flick in the underground classic ‘Election.’ We walk away from this having no real sense of what she can do – but, we have a greater sense of how many animals she’s hunted down. There is something rather troubling and awfully surreal about what’s transpiring in the Xcel Center this week.”

It’s difficult to accept the assessment from some of the network pundits that this was such a ‘great speech.’ There was no real connection beyond the base of the Republican party. No energy outside the Xcel Center.

Instead, the tone of this convention appears to be more about Palin than John McCain. By hyping up her ‘executive’ experience, she’s actually taking shots at the guy who picked her as his running mate. There’s doubt as to whether or not McCain understands what he got himself into.

Tonight, we saw a lot of sarcastic zingers and one-liners from Palin. All we know is she’s a gun-toting “hockey mom” with kids who have unique names. There was no mention of the economy during the entire 45-minutes of her speech, no clear picture of what she might do to solve some pressing problems of the day. She claims an Obama presidency will raise taxes, but she conveniently forgets she raised taxes as Mayor of Wisilla to build a hockey rink.

The base clearly loved it – but, did it resonate with the rest of the American electorate? Clearly, there are a handful of folks who are undecided. And, perhaps, the loud, surreal comedic approach mixed with anti-Obama chest thumping is what some of them want to see. Yet, all we hear are snide remarks and subtly racist comments about “community organizing” and people losing their jobs without any attempt at mentioning the economy.

Ultimately, Republicans are making a rather targeted attempt to re-ignite the culture wars. Urban America versus Small-town Main Street America. Welcome to the 21st century culture wars, the same divisive script that won Republicans the majority of the previous Presidential elections. We’ll learn very soon whether or not this still works.


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  1. David said, on September 20, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Yes, you will learn that it still works. The 30 million urbanites and metrosexuals cannot out-vote the 150 million REGULAR Americans in what you call “small towns”.

    The La-La land in which you dwell is created by Hollywood and the mainstream ‘news’ media. It doesn’t exist except in those producers’ heads, and in urban centers. So for you, life in the “big city” — with all its grinding chaos and cultural decay — is real life. You are born into it, live in it, and die in it. The vulgarity, insanity, and inhumanity of it is reality to you.

    And that’s fine, if it’s the life you want. Stay and ‘enjoy’ it.

    But for the vast majority of Americans — those of us who don’t control the media and Hollywood — that is as foreign to real life, as is walking on the moon. This is the flip-side of the cognitive dissonance…the cultural disconnect…that you feel when you consider life in Alaska, and the person and life of Sarah Palin.

    Besides the major media, urbanites control the polling organizations. But main street and rural America still rules talk radio. That is where you can get the REAL story of what you see happening now with Barack Hussein Obama versus Sarah Palin. Urban vindictiveness and class warfare, versus regular rural values.

    You can kid yourself right up until November 4th, and I’m sure the Democrat power machine is going to try like Hell to make this another 30-day post-election Algore debacle. But you will fail, this time.

    This time, most of America — the five-to-one population that normally just goes through our work day in the field, or in our little shop, and in our “backwater” little towns — we are going to vote your neighborhood uprising-instigator back into the Saul Alinsky Stone Age.

    Just wait and see. Sarah Palin is going to get 300 electoral votes and many millions more popular votes than Joe Biden — or than Hillary, if your crooked team decides to do a switcheroo at the last minute.

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