Heading Toward Healing?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on August 14, 2008

Word came this morning that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic National Convention. 

As we offered in this space recently, Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive nominee of the party, needed to continue to reach out to the Clinton supporters in his quest for 270 electoral college votes and this was an easy give. 

He’ll have more delegates in the Hall, the allowance of a Clinton nomination would make the night doubly historic and it shows Obama as the bigger person with his eye firmly fixed on the ultimate prize, the White House. 

Whether Obama wins the nomination by one vote or by acclimation is not the issue, the result he wants from the convention is a unified party prepared to fight the Republicans in the fall.  Showing the Clinton’s that the party is now his and not theirs is petty and politically immature resulting in sure defeat in November and while Obama has been hit on having a lack of “experience” what he has shown is the traits of a great leader.

In case you need an example to prove the point watch the Clinton delegates on the evening of the nominations for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention.


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