Several Signs of Concern for Obama

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on August 13, 2008

The Democrats readying for their historic convention and their presumptive nominee prepares for that moment and the rest of the campaign with a week long rest bit in his native state.  

While the Democrats prepare, plan and rest Glenn Thrush of the Politico points out that there are seven points of potential concern for the Obama campaign. 

Obama’s aides point to the stability of his small national lead, say they aren’t worried about his summer stall and think his numbers will improve when voters begin tuning in to the conventions.

“This is a country that is looking for a fundamentally different direction, and John McCain offers nothing but the status quo,” said spokesman Bill Burton, adding that he wasn’t “losing any sleep” over Obama’s rough patch.

The campaign’s confidence may turn out to be justified, but two weeks prior to the national convention there are more than a few worrisome signs for Obama.

 Click here for the entire article


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