Here We Go

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 31, 2008

Successful and confident African American men have heard this before, “you’re arrogant.”  Usually leveled by those that confuse cool with arrogance and who are beset by a lack of self confidence and who are scared for their jobs and their positions.

We suspect the Harvard educated, successful and confident presumptive presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama has heard this before he burst upon the national scene.  So we presume he was ready for the claim to follow him to his present level of success.

We first heard the whispers after the stunning win in Iowa in January.  Since then whispers have grown into a full blown complaint and “stories” by traditional news outlets in recent days including an article by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post today which accused Obama…gasp…of being “hustled…through a side door…” by Secret Service during his meeting yesterday  with House Democrats.  We guess Mr. Millbank would like Obama to walk around without the protection despite the legitimate death threats so as not to appear so arrogant. 

Meanwhile, insecure folks start name calling and harassing Obama about telling supporters at a fundraiser for his campaign that the chances of his victory in November are “very good,” um was he suppose to say “we stink, we got no shot!” The chances are good, some say very good that he will win in the fall but the critics of his fundraiser comments always seem to leave out what he said after “our chances are very good,” he went on to say “but it will be difficult.”  Ah yes the ramblings of an arrogant man. 

Yes Obama has a streak of arrogance as do all elected officials.  Anyone who thinks they can lead people and speak for the public has a touch of arrogance.  But is Obama more arrogant than another elected official?  More then the last Democratic standard bearer Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) or the current president?  Or than Obama’s primary opponents especially Senators Clinton and Biden?  We think not.

We understand there is a fine line between cool and arrogance just look at the football fields of the fall and basketball courts of the winter.  But to say Obama has crossed that line because 200,000 people in Germany came see him and world leaders showered him with praise in his recent tour of Europe and the Middle East is a complete misunderstanding of how an African American male has to carry himself in history breaking moments or it is a revealing of the insecurities of low self esteem club.    

Whatever it is don’t hate, appreciate and try to emulate and if that is too heavy a lift just move out of the way.


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