Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 22, 2008

CNN is reporting that presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain is possibly set to announce his Vice Presidential choice.  CNN is saying that some “sources in the McCain camp” have told the news network that talks are occuring about whether making the announcement this week. 

We wonder first if this isn’t an effort to get a little attention and news as McCain’s opponent Sen. Barack Obama receives a lot of press as he moves through the Middle East and Europe? 

Not to be too cynical our next thought was if the discussions are honest and occurring we have to ask why?  

With only a a weekend between the Democratic National Convention and the GOP soiree McCain can cut into Obama’s post convention bounce with a Friday or Saturday VP announcement right after the DNC.  Not only can McCain shortcircuit Obama’s leap out of Denver but he could dictate his pick on what Obama had done in front him.  In a year where the pick of the number two could actually impact the race some argue that McCain is in the driver’s seat.  He has had longer to vet the pick since clinching the nomination earlier, may have a longer and deeper list of initially choices and he could conceivable pick second. 

It would seem curious to jump now, but if the concept was for us to just ask why and talk about the option…I guess he got us.


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