Don’t Forget the Dollars

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 19, 2008

 A lot of attention will accompany Sen. Barack Obama to Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq as he takes his presidential campaign on the road.  The presumptive Democratic nominee is now on his critical trip abroad as he looks to add foreign policy and defense gravitas to his rock star political persona at home. 

As important as this trip is to the Obama effort and the need for America to “picture” him as Commander-In-Chief and as interesting and entertaining as the recent back and forth between Obama and GOP presumptive candidate Sen. John McCain on issues of war, defense, security and the like, the major issue remains the economy. 

History tells us that people vote their pocketbook and in this tough economic situation the presidential conversation will always meander back to the rocky economic predicament. 

An interesting article in the New York Times today highlights the fact that the economy is on a parcarious point and that we may not have seen the worse.  “Something has clearly gone wrong with the economy. But how bad are things, really? And how bad might they get before better days return? Even to many economists who recently thought the gloom was overblown, the situation looks grim. The economy is in the midst of a very rough patch. The worst is probably still ahead.”

 If Peter Goodman, the writer of the Times piece, is right and consumers are upside down in loans and credit it won’t matter how Obama looks overseas or how McCain’s experience stacks up against that Obama image voters will ask who has the better economic plan?

Whoever can answer that question and create a level of comfort among the voters may very will be the next President of the United States no mattter how they look overseas.


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