Appearance Time

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 18, 2008

The one constant in most presidential campaign polls is that Sen. John McCain the presumptive Republican nominee has an edge on Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama when respondents are asked which one do they trust on defense and foreign policy matters.  McCain usually has an edge of a few points but in some  polls the advantage can be double digits.  In a recent Rasmussen Poll McCain lead Obama on trust in the national security by 14 points. 

In most other categories Obama leads.  In fact, in the 14 areas in the Rasmussen Reports “trust on issues” polls Obama leads in 12 classifications.  The feeling in the Obama campaign must be if they can close the national security gap, that has impaled many Democratic nominees, the door may be wide open for Obama.

To open that door the campaign needs to show Obama as “commander in chief.”  They have to put the image in the minds of American voters that Obama can lead this country and be the face of America abroad.  America will get a glimpse of what a “President Obama” overseas will look like next week when Obama heads on a 12,000 mile five country trip. 

Obama will hit England, France, Germany, Israel and Jordan.  We suspect he may slip Iraq into that schedule as well.  Obama may very well be treated to large cheering crowds, especially in France where his popularity rating is around 80%, which will make for a good visual but the real test and the appearance the campaign wants most are the photos with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other heads of state and those videos with Obama meeting and talking policy with those leaders.  The campaign is treating this like a “presidential trip.”  The campaign plane will have staff, other Senators and a full press entourage including the all three major network news anchors. 

If the anchors lead off their evening telecasts with Obama standing next to France President Nicolas Sarkozy and giving a speech from the former location of the Berlin Wall with little to no mistake or incidents will give the campaign the “Head of State” image they couldn’t create staying in toss up states or talking about how Obama grew up for a period of time in Indonesia.


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