Where’s the CBC on Zimbabwe?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 12, 2008

We have to ask this question given the resounding impotency of many regional Southern Africa and sub-Saharan African leaders on the subject. Few are willing to give any sort of harsh rebuke of the Mugabe regime … well, it’s kind of hard, anyway, considering most African governments are relentlessly corrupt and despotic. It would be a bit of blind leading the blind. Still, one eye-sore of a noticeable hush is coming from democratic South Africa, where the continent’s largest economy and now post-Apartheid, Black-run government refuses to outright reject Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and, instead, argues for a “coalition” government (applying the Kenyan solution as the new formula for all disputed African elections gone violent). Like that’s going to do anything – as if the dictator is really all that receptive to “sharing” something he believes he was divinely ordained to lead. Clearly, Mugabe has lost all scruples, caring more for power-absorption at his people’s expense and blaming it all on Western meddling.  There’s more hype from the CBC over Nelson Mandela’s name on the U.S. terror suspect watch list than there is over the terror of unstable tyrants continuing to wreck Africa’s future.

Surely, the West has a role to play, but the West isn’t the one with its finger on the trigger in Harare. And, what concerns us is that while the Congressional Black Caucus (and others of the Black political class) make repeated trips and “delegation” excursions to South Africa, there is no loud denunciation of South Africa’s deliberate silence and unwillingness to act. There is no move, to our knowledge, of the CBC considering a revision of plans to hold an annual briefing there. There are no loud calls from CBC members to not only place pressure on Zimbabwe, but to perhaps place pressure on South Africa and others as well. Everyone seems perfectly fine and cozy with the African status-quo. Not exactly certain what’s happening with this merry band and “safe district” Members of Congress, but they’ve been dropping or altogether missing the ball on quite a few issues they could play lead on.

And what happens is when it appears that many are accepting the situation in Zimbabwe, then China
and Russia find ease in vetoing a U.N. resolution to impose sanctions on Mugabe – along with South Africa voting against it, as well. Something about that doesn’t sit right – it could have much to do with the influence of South Africa’s Chinese community. Of course, all the players in this are pretty suspect: China wants to continue arms deals and tapping resource gateways in Africa while the U.S. is only pushing for sanctions as a way to halt Beijing’s influence – let’s be real: it’s not about Zimbabweans. Nor is it about setting the right, responsible and forward-thinking tone the continent needs for full recovery.


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  1. Holly B. said, on July 13, 2008 at 4:16 am

    All nations are obligated to serve their own country’s interests. And under normal conditions, it is also entirely proper for them to do so.

    But there are exceptions. One of those is when the nation must support a malevolent regime in pursuit of their own national interests. Unfortunately, it’s hard to name even ONE nation whose leaders would regard humanitarian ideals as more important than their national goals, desires and greeds. Or their personal ones, for that matter.

    Which is why atrocities are only addressed when the nations “addressing them” have a lot to gain for themselves by doing so.

    If reality and love of humanity ruled nations, we’d live in a very different world indeed.

    But don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

    Maybe, if they could only discover oil in Zimbabwe…

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