Big Moment Big Venue

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 8, 2008

75,000 plus people. That is number that apparently will see Sen. Barack Obama accept the nomination of his party for president of the United States. 

The Obama campaign announced today that the presumptive nominee will grab the standard of the party in Invesco Field at Mile High the stadium of the National Football League Denver Broncos.  The open air stadium seats at least 75,000 but could be configured for more depending on how the campaign and the DNC set it up. 

The choice is a gamble for Obama, who has attracted large crowds throughout this campaign including one of 75,000 plus in Portland, Oregon before his 18 point win in the Oregon primary on May 20th, but if only 50 or 60 thousand appear on August 28th the stadium will look empty and that will be the story.  However, if 75,000 plus enter Invesco that night and he has several thousand more clamering to get in the political picture will be the stuff of instant legend and drawf the crowd a week later cheering GOP candidate Sen. John McCain. 

The historic connection will also be made.  On August 28, 1963 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed several hundred thousands from the foot of the Lincoln Memorial on the mall in Washington, DC  and develiverd his “I Have a Dream” speech.  That speech of course talked about the promise land and many have created an historic bridge that streaches 45 years and several thousand miles to Denver and August 28, 2008 and the Obama acceptance speech. 

There is also another bridge that many have tried to construct and that is between Obama and President John Kennedy.  The youth, vigor, promise and vision of Kennedy has been resurrected in Obama many have said and it was JFK who was the last nominee to accept a nomination in an outdoor stadium when he accepted the Democratic nomination in August of 1960 in the Los Angeles Coliseum. 

For another little plank in the bridge and another historical twist would it be interesting if President Kennedy’s lone remaining brother, who had endorsed and vigorously campaigned for Obama before falling ill, were to muster the energy and introduce Obama that night?  Sen. Edward Kennedy is halfway through treatments for brain cancer and apparently responding as well as can be expected and if that is the route the campaign and the Kennedy family chose to ride the party could bounce right out of Invesco into a tough general election on a very high note.


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