Cuttin’ the Party Short?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on July 3, 2008

Presidential candidates love the time after their nomination conventions.  After the weeklong celebration of their “greatness” public opinion polls generally “bounce” up in their favor.  That post convention “bounce” can sometime change a race or at least tighten the contest for a period.  The greater the “bounce” the more work your opponent has in their convention (if it follows) or on campaign trail. 

This year only 116 hours separate the Democratic convention from the Republican political soiree.  Generally there is at least a week if not more between the two “parties.”  Because of that potentially short “bounce” time the Obama campaign is considering shortening the Democratic meeting in Denver to lengthen the “bounce” time.   

A Los Angeles Times article highlights why the DNC may end the party on Wednesday and not Thursday as originally scheduled.   “…Ending early, some Democrats argue, would give Obama an extra day to capitalize on the convention.

Adding to the Democrats’ calculation is the growing speculation that McCain will announce his running mate in the brief intermission between the two conventions — a good way to seize the spotlight from the just-nominated Democrat.”

This quirk in the convention schedule, heavily influenced by the fact that the Olympics take up the bulk of August this year, puts presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain in a unique position since he goes second. As the article indicates McCain could step all over Sen. Barack Obama’s post convention “bounce” with an “announcement of a running mate” or with a series of events and other announcements.   

With that possibility shortening the convention could be a wise move for Obama and the Democrats.


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