The GOP’s Strong Arm with Oil …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 23, 2008

Recent polls suggest that race may factor into Presidential election as much as age, and then it flips to show that age could be as much a factor as race. 

However, in reality, it will rest on the larger electorate’s perception of the economy and how that impacts our collective bank accounts.  Voters will react, rather emotionally, to whatever candidate or platform they deem prepared to address the challenges of slow growth, rising oil prices and ridiculous food prices.  Much of that is linked into an overall view that energy is the driving culprit: oil that is.

The GOP is making a rather smart play on that perception, particularly as Americans grumble over $4+ a gallon at every gas pump.  One could argue that lack of Bush Administration zeal for a solution is actually a somewhat deliberate political move to drive voter sentiment in favor of another Republican White House, particularly given the fact that the GOP is having trouble energizing its typically reliable base around the presumptive nominee while dealt the double blow of low popularity for its current head.   Less action helps to exacerbate the situation enough whereby a sudden political burst of willpower to drill domestically is seen as a saving grace.  One can’t help but feel a sense of political strong-arming until the electorate cries uncle.

Domestic drilling has been seen, up until recently, as an environmental catastrophe. What could be troubling is that any decision to now drill stateside is based on the pure emotion of a voting public being wrestled down by economic pressures. This latest drive by the Bush Administration to drill domestically – buoyed by a McCain reversal on the idea and greater political support from GOP-aligned think tanks, advocacy groups and other associations – could be extremely problematic for Democrats and Obama.   


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