You Think President Bush is Unpopular…

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 21, 2008

President Bush’s popularity is at 26%. The percentage  is an all time low. It is so low that pundits have wondered if presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain can afford to spend time with the President.  Very rarely are they seen together let alone being pictured together.  McCain recently allowed the President to raise money for him but it was in a private fundraiser. 

It is clear that McCain has to handle the president with kid gloves, but how does the presumptive Democratic nominee handle Congress?

In the recent Gallup Poll, Congress raked in at a record low in popularity.  12%.  Yup, 12% of those surveyed have confidence in Congress.  12%.  Of course Congress includes both presidential nominees but Sen. Barack Obama’s party controls Congress.  The percentage is the lowest in the 35 years that question has been asked. 

It will be interesting to see if Congress’ lack of public confidence attaches itself to Obama or if his “change” message will overshadow Congress’ low popularity?  The irony in that ranking is that Democrats look to increase their majority in both chambers in part because of the unpopularity of the president.  Go figure. 

It is long thought that while everyone loves their member of Congress, they hate the institution.  If that is the case Obama won’t have to worry about the stink from Congress rubbing off on him and Democrats in Congress should be able to maintain their majority.  But at some point 12% popularity will catch up to you and everyone will realize that their member is the reason they hate Congress and throw them out.  If you don’t believe that just ask the incumbent Democrats in 1994 and incumbent Republicans in 2006. 


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