Is the Public with McCain?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 19, 2008

The first polls are coming in on the question of lifting the 27 year old ban on offshore drilling and they will delight Sen. John McCain.  Rasmussen Reports released a poll today that 62% of those questioned agree that we should drill off our coasts, the McCain position, and 27% say we shouldn’t, Senator Barack Obama’s position. 

Currently drilling is forbidding off the coasts of America and only allowed in a portion of the Gulf of Mexico.

Rising gas prices, record costs for oil and rumors of five dollars a gallon petro have people very nervous and angry about what they are paying and they see no relief in sight.  This poll backs up efforts like American Solutions’ “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” which now has over one million signatories.  

The issue is fast becoming the main topic of this campaign and if McCain can gain some traction on this issue he may be able to close the gap on Obama who leads major polls when voters are asked who can better handle the economy.  Congressional Democrats and environmentalists must be careful in their rabid opposition to the drilling.  Conservation, increased fuel efficiency and the development of energy alternatives are legitimate options but they will take years to implement and become effective. 

The irony is so will drilling offshore.  By most opinions it will take ten years to drill offshore and make that oil available.  The problem for the opponents of drilling offshore is the lifting of the ban and the beginning of construction of derricks makes it look like, in a tangible way, relief is at hand even if it ten years in the offing.  But ten or fifteen years from now a President McCain will have already retired to his ranch in Sedona, Arizona. 


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