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Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 17, 2008

The national polls continue to show a very close race for president between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.  If the polls are correct or even close to correct every vote will count and every sub-group of voters will matter. 

Recent surveys show Obama and McCain splitting independents, Obama gaining some support from conservatives and McCain from Reagan Democrats.  Another group that the presumptive nominees will fight over will be the Hispanic vote.  A growing number of Hispanics will influence swing states like New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. 

In an effort to secure that vote and potentially mend fences Obama will meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus tonight.  Obama did not fair very well with this voting bloc during the primaries and will need their vote to win those swing states and maintain blue states like California and New York.  The GOP has been comeptitive with Hispanic voters in recent elections and McCain because of his work in Arizona and stance on immigration may be able maintain that competitive status.  



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