McCain’s Outreach

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 15, 2008

One person who was sad to see the long tortured Democratic presidential campaign end was presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain.  McCain was relishing the division that appeared to be carved by the Obama-Clinton race. 

But since it has concluded, McCain has clearly made a push to take advantage of potentially disaffected Dems.  The night Sen. Barack Obama “clinched” the nomination, McCain’s speech that evening was tailored for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s supporters and was delivered in New Orleans.  Since that speech McCain has continued to reach out to those who may be inclined to support the Democratic nominee but are not happy with Obama. 

Part of that effort are virtual Town Hall Meetings  with those possibly disgruntled Democrats or independents.  The virtual however, aspect shows how poor or at least low fundraising may hamper McCain this fall in his outreach and other efforts to push what promises to be a tight race in his direction.   


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