What will be the Feminists Response?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 14, 2008

Many feminists took umbrage at how Sen. Hillary Clinton was treated by the media during her historic race for president.  They took offense at how she was described, labeled, shown and talked about.  Their anger at times was palpable and for the most part their anger was correct.  There was sexism during the campaign just as there is racism in the ongoing campaign. 

But now that the race has taken shape for the fall, sexism will not go away.  There is a new target for misogynists, Michelle Obama.  The wife of the presumptive Democratic nominee is squarely in the eyes of the Republican party and others and many of the attacks on Mrs. Obama will because she is a strong, out-spoken and educated women who will not take a quarter from anyone — sound like anyone you feminists know?

A new article from the Politico details the line of attack Mrs. Obama will face, the question is what will the feminists do and when now that another strong, educated, out-spoken and successful women is under attack?


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