Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 4, 2008

CNN and MSNBC has just projected that Senator Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. 

An historic acheivement that has seen African Americans go from being 3/5th of a person to the brink of the Oval Office.  A historic win for a man the country barely knew only 16 months ago, for a group of people who could barely vote 43 years ago, for a country that was created in racial strife 232 years ago. 

America has passed yet another test with regard to race, but those who think this is the final test may be surprised.  The path to this point has been bumpy and littered with bigots who have said they will never vote for an African American and those are a small portion of Obama’s own party.  But as Obama dealt with some darkness within his own party, the light of his campaign came from young whites whom race doesn’t shine the same way for them as their forefathers. In fact it was South Dakota not South Carolina that put him over the top.  That new racial dynamic is captured by the generation of African American leaders that Obama now heads.  For those leaders under 50 it is policy and solutions first, not race and bigotry.  You see that new direction in the eyes of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty and so many others who represent this new generation of leaders.     

America has a right to be proud and a right to celebrate a moment many thought would never occur but as we celebrate, the road ahead for Obama and America is still long, still winding and still rocky but America through Barack Obama has knocked another barrier down as she continues to fulfill her promise and potential. 


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