Showdown Week…Mix Messages and Moving On

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 3, 2008

With less than 24 hours left in the Democratic presidential nomination process the last two candidates seemed headed in two different directions. 

The front runner and likely nominee Sen. Barack Obama is counting delegates trying to close the show tomorrow night when he speaks before a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The location alone speaks volumes.  Minneapolis of course is home to the 2008 Republican convention.  Speaking in the city that will nominate his probable opponent Sen. John McCain is a political “in your face” or presidential “take this” move that indicates game on. 

By close of business today CNN had Obama only 42 delegates away from the magic number of 2,118 (the Obama campaign says 41.5).  There were media reports throughout the day that a slew of superdelegates will move toward Obama tomorrow and allow him to claim the nomination tomorrow night in Minneapolis.  If he can’t do that or Clinton doesn’t quit the race the campaign will have to find a way to spin what they’d hoped would be the speech to “accept the nomination.”

Accepting the nomination seemingly won’t be Clinton’s problem…depending on what story you read or surrogate you happen to hear.  The irasable national co-chairman Terry McAulliffe blanketed the morning shows saying the campaign was moving on past Tuesday and was still hopeful for the nomination.  But President Clinton said later in the day this “could be my last day” campaigning (video).    

Beyond the former President’s comments the Clinton campaign announced that it will be in New York tomorrow night and has told campaign workers they can come to the event or go home and await further directions.  Some campaign aides have said that tomorrow nights speech may show Clinton’s interest in the VP slot and or her commitment to help Obama win in November.  Clinton could also suspend her campaign and give herself time to close down the effort and support Obama.  The two evidently spoke Sunday night about what will happen after the primaries.   

Whatever the speech Clinton seems to be ready to cash it in and move on and leave the stage to Obama who will begin the difficult process of healing the party.  To do that he will need Clinton and she knows that, so maybe that is game on.     


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