Showdown Week…Clinton Wins Puerto Rico and Vows to Fight On

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 1, 2008

“Let’s keep fighting!”

Those were the words of Sen. Hillary Clinton today as she spoke to supporters in San Juan, Puerto Rico celebrating her surprisingly large win.  With 85% reporting Clinton enjoyed a 68%-32% edge.  As of 4:15pm Mountain Time Clinton was set to collect 30 delegates to Sen. Barack Obama’s 12 with votes still being counted. 

If those numbers hold Obama will only be 45.5 delegates away from the nomination (Clinton is 203 away) with Montana and South Dakota set to vote on Tuesday.  Despite Obama’s proximity to the nomination Clinton today did not sound like she is willing to quit the race.  She pledged to “fight on” and urged superdelegates to consider her electability and what she touts as her popular vote lead. 

Those speaking points, her campaigns whining about the DNC’s Rules and By-Laws Committee decision about Florida and Michigan yesterday and her surrogates steadfastness this morning on the talk shows, indicates that she won’t quit the race and will make the superdelegates do her dirty work.  Even though she won’t be anywhere near the magic nomination number on Wednesday. 

At some point the party has to heal  if it wants to beat Sen. John McCain in the fall and it can’t heal in just one week in Denver, it is going to need time and it is going need everyone’s assistance.  Obama, who had the votes to roll Clinton in the meeting yesterday but decided not to do it in the interest in party unity, has taken to the healing road first.  He has spoken kindly of and even praised Clinton in his recent pivot to the fall, now it is Clinton’s turn to find the on ramp and hit the high road for the healing of the party.   

The ride to that on ramp may be given by superdelegates sooner rather than later, but the question may be will Clinton get in for the ride.  


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