Showdown Week Begins…Michigan and Florida Half In

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on June 1, 2008

In what some people think could be the last week of the Democratic presidential nomination race the Rules and By-Laws committee decided in a raucous 10 hour meeting that the disputed Florida and Michigan delegations would be seated in full but only be allowed half votes. 

The results give Sen. Hillary Clinton a net gain of 24 delegates, leaving her behind Sen. Barack Obama by around “180 some” delegates depending on whose count you believe.  The new magic number for the nomination is now 2,118. Obama is now roughly 70 or so delegates away from the new number.

Obama and his camp called the result “fair” while the Clinton campaign “reserved the right to take it to the credentials committee.”    

We have been saying that Florida and Michigan would be seated and still think ultimately they will be given the full vote, if there is no fight for the nomination, but what was more interesting was the response from Clinton supports who cheered and jeered their way through the meeting.  At some point Clinton will need to calm the waters and assist in healing the party. After today the writing on the wall started becoming political carvings in stone with the message, Obama will be the nominee. 

If that’s the case Clinton will be the most important person in the Democratic Party as the Dems turn to the fall.  As strong and unchallenged as Obama must be in victory, Clinton must be graceful and supportive in defeat.  The next week and then the next five months are the most important of Clinton’s career.  She will need to rally her troops to the nominee and do so publicly and with enthusiasm.  Taking the fight to the credentials committee ain’t going get it down.  Neither is taking the battle to Denver! Denver! Denver! as her supporters chanted at the end of the meeting. 

The end of the nomination process could be the beginning of a new political chapter for Clinton but the party better hope she sees it that way. 



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