The Big Oil Squeeze

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 25, 2008

Beyond the horse race of the 2008 Democratic primary, there’s not a whole lot cats on Capitol Hill are doing about rising gas prices – although, Europeans (who already lived with $5 – $6/gallon) are probably looking at us like: “Been there, done that.”  We watched for weeks as gas stations flirted with $4.00, basically engaging in a sick bit of “uncle” to prepare us for the worst.  It was about two weeks ago where we just simply said, “Just put it at $4.00 already. Enough with the waterboarding!”

In an eery way, $4.00/gallon (plus more over the summer into the rest of the year) is preparing us for the maladjustment of our economic times.  Just like we should adapt to a warmer planet, we might as well get ready for the rising price of pretty much everything.  President Bush begging the Saudi king for increased oil production is silly smoke and mirrors – plus, he looks foolish doing that after visiting Israel first and lambasting popular radical Islamic political fronts/factions/terrorist groups before the Knesset (in return, he gets the Saudi pimp slap).

Inflation always catches up; remember back in the ’80s, watching the dark futuristic game show thriller The Running Man and gawking at the scene where people casually pay $3 for a can of soda?  Not so far fetched, now is it.  You gotta love science fiction …

But, this isn’t science fiction. It’s for real.  One thing we are noting is the very nice, convenient way in which conversations and grumbling over rising gas prices parallels with the revisitation of a risky game plan: drilling where we shouldn’t really drill.  Check out the latest Congressional hearings on rising oil prices by going to C-SPAN.  We’ve linked to a search result on “oil.”  There is also a lot of conversation about drilling in untouched Alaska tundra or increased search for oil deposits off our shores.  What was once considered taboo is now gaining steam as a plausible way to offset rising gas prices.  And so, we can’t help but feel that sick stick in the gut which tells us that Big Oil – in conjunction with the Bush Administration and Republicans struggling to make political gains in November – are using this situation as a big squeeze to force us into accepting environmental catastrophe. 


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