Forward March?

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 22, 2008

Since winning North Carolina and coming within a point and a half in Indiana a couple of weeks ago Sen. Barack Obama has been engaged in a shadow campaign against GOP presumptive nominee Sen. John McCain.  He continues to “campaign” for the Democratic nomination but he and campaign have clearly turned their sights to November. 

That new course was very much in evidence on Tuesday night when Obama, from swing state and his launching pad state of Iowa, claimed a “a majority of the pledged delegates…”.  Then it was reported yesterday by AP that the Illinois Senator is also preparing to take over the national party and today CNN is reporting that Obama has begun his Vice Presidential search:

“…A veteran Democratic activist told CNN that former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson has accepted Obama’s request to begin a screening and selection process for the No. 2 spot….”  Click here for full story.

Obama’s quiet campaign against McCain and nominee like actions will not go over well with Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign but according to our numbers Obama stands only 72 delegates from the nomination number of 2076 and he may be feeling a bit anxious about the fall election which could be one of the closest presidential contests in American history and the need to get with it. 


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