Ferraro’s At It Again

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 20, 2008

There she goes again. Former Congresswoman and Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro is going off once more against Sen. Barack Obama.

You’ll recall Ferraro’s incendiary comments about Obama in March when she said the only reason Obama was doing well in this campaign was because he was black. If he was white “he would not be in this position…” After getting gutted like a fish over the comments Ferraro resigned from Sen. Hillary Clinton’s finance team, yeah good work there, but not before getting a last dig in saying she was quitting so she could speak for herself.

Well she speaking out again. This mornings New York Times quotes Ferraro saying she may not vote for Obama in the fall, commenting that he been”terribly sexist.” The article doesn’t elaborate on what the first women ever nominated to a national ticket meant or give any examples of Obama’s alleged sexism, but Ferraro doesn’t generally seem to need facts just ask Rev. Jesse Jackson whom she accused of being successful because of his race in the ’84 campaign.

The comments from Ferraro may be an echo of a potential problem for Obama with women voters or they could be the rant of an angry women with issues that have nothing to do with the campaign. Most likely with Ferraro it’s a combination of both.


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