The powerless Detroit City Council …

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 14, 2008

Any hopes that the city of Detroit might be saved from its Mayor’s scandals by the City Council have all but totally evaporated.  The Detroit City Council, led by Council President Kenneth Cockrel, is in complete disarray as it struggles to consider options leading to the potential ouster of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (D).  Divisions within the Council may be instigated further by hope of rising political opportunity should Kilpatrick be ousted or resign.   Everyone on the Council, we can assume for the moment, wants to be Mayor.  

Reports Christine Macdonald in the Detroit News:

A fragile majority of City Council members could be poised today to launch a double-barreled effort to topple Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick by starting their own impeachment-like process and petitioning Gov. Jennifer Granholm to oust him.

The possibility emerged as a compromise late Monday among members who are mostly united in their desire to boot Kilpatrick, but have bickered lately over how to do so. But the alliance of five council members is tenuous.

There appears to be more support — six members — for a vote today to censure the mayor, who faces perjury, obstruction of justice and misconduct-in-office charges for the text-message scandal that has gripped City Hall since January.

We wouldn’t be suprised if reports on Gov. Granholm’s reluctance to get involved may reflect the influence of the Kilpatrick Capitol Hill connection.  We’ll stay away from that one for now, since it’s not a whole lot of information out there (yet) to substantiate it.  All we can say is that his Kilpatrick’s mother, Congressional Black Caucus chair Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-MI), is awfully quiet. One only wonders if she wishes her son had stayed out of politics …

But, basically, Kilpatrick’s 2nd term as Mayor of the constantly crumbling Detroit will go on intact.  His real fate rests in the justice system.  Whatever political options exist will be of little consequence or impact.  Councilwoman Alberta Tinsley-Talabi is more real about it:

Tinsley-Talabi, who voted to ask Kilpatrick to resign, said she doesn’t believe the governor will act to oust Kilpatrick and the charter is too vague for the council to do so.

She said Kilpatrick’s fate will be decided in the courts.

“The process we started today will not have the end council is looking for,” Tinsley-Talabi said.

What about the end citizens of Detroit need? 


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