We’re All Tied

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 12, 2008

One of the last advantages being touted by Sen. Hillary Clinton in her race with Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for President is now gone.  According to many news outlets Obama has either surpassed or tied Clinton in the critical superdelegate count. 

According to CNN the superdelegate race is tied:

…Obama picked up an endorsement from California superdelegate Crystal Strait, a Young Democrats of America board member and a former California Young Democrats president.

“It’s probably the hardest decision I’ve made in my life,” Strait told CNN.

“I respect both candidates so much. But listening to how young people voted and caucused around the country, I know this was the right decision.”

Superdelegates are party leaders and officials who vote for the candidate of their choice at the Democratic convention in August.

At the beginning of the year, Clinton had led the superdelegate race by more than 100.

The focus of the Democratic race has largely turned to the superdelegates because they outnumber the remaining pledged delegates that are up for grabs.

Strait became the 273rd superdelegate in Obama’s column, by CNN’s count. Clinton had 273 Sunday as well — technically 273.5 because of some Democrats Abroad superdelegates who are given half a vote each…


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