Maybe Momma Can Help

Posted in Uncategorized by groffellison on May 12, 2008

One of the hurdles Sen. Barack Obama will face once he actually captures the nomination will be that of gaining the support of white women who nearly propelled Sen. Hillary Clinton to that same nomination.

Exit poll after exit poll showed that Clinton won that group, specfically in the 50 year old and up range, in primary after primary and they continue to fuel the now improbable quest. One need only to look at Clinton’s recent rallies and see that demographic hoping against hope and Obama.

Obama will need that group to come in the near record numbers that they have in the nomination cycle and push the button for him come November. Without them it will be an awful heavy lift on election day. The question is how does he heal the wounds, solidfy the group and earn their vote and respect when he took their candidate and idol out of the race and thus the White House?

The answer maybe his momma.

In an insightful and interesting article syndicated writer Ellen Goodman notes that maybe Obama’s white mother, who would have been of that demographic had she lived, could be the key to that critical voting block.

“…I am not suggesting Obama drag out his mama as a prop. But he’s staked his case for the presidency on his ability to bridge racial, cultural, party divides, to lead a post-partisan America. Now he’s faced with another divide: women who identified their success with Clinton’s and who are unsure they will vote for him.

What better way to begin reaching out, holding the “gender conversation,” showing women he “gets it” than by sharing the dreams he inherited and the dreams he understands? The dreams from his mother. A girl named Stanley.”


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